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Chinese Wedding Traditions : Qun Gua

Before the Western wedding gown, Chinese brides got married in a traditional wedding dress called the qun kwa (群褂) and while white chiffon and tulle project a princess-like image for a bride, a traditional red Chinese wedding costume represents nobility.

The qun kwa is a two-piece loose jacket and skirt in striking red to symbolize luck and happiness for the auspicious occasion and is usually heavily embroidered or embellished with colourful threads, pearls, coloured sequins.

As our generation is getting more and more westernized, we tend to forget some of the traditions that were practised in our culture. We absolutely proud to see the traditional chinese wedding custom being continued. Yen Wei looking absolutely gorgeous in qun kwa (群褂) and love the details of embroidery on it.

Photographed by Darren, Armadale Weddings

Venue : Cyberview Lodge



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