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6 ways you can honor your mum on your wedding day

Our moms, most especially, will be one of the happiest and sappiest people on your wedding! So, why not do something extra special for her? Here are different heartfelt ways you can honor your mom and make her part of your wedding day.

1.‘Something Borrowed’

It’s the old tradition of "something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue". Carry a piece of her beloved item, like jewelry or veil that she wore on her wedding day, or something that you can associate with you mom, as a symbol of ‘borrowed happiness’.

2. Let her help you while you get dressed.

Letting your mom help you dress is a symbolic act of passing on years or family tradition and a gesture of a mother’s love this is forever. Make this moment extra special and share it with your mom!

3 . Have a moment with her during the wedding.

Whether it’s getting ready together during the preps, having a mother-daughter/ son dance during the reception, or a fun portrait session of just the two of you, your mom will definitely feel good when you acknowledge her presence on the day of your wedding.

4. Have your mom walk you down the aisle

While it is usually the father who accompanies the bride to walk down the aisle, you may also have you mom to do so, or even better yet – have BOTH of them to walk you down the aisle side by side. Invite your mom to join this very important moment of your wedding, to make her feel included in such a special memory.

5. Thank you

She is the woman who deserves all the ‘thank you’. From making sure that you arrive to the world safely, taking care of your health, fast forward to giving you away as the wife of your future husband – she is always there. Thank her, for everything, and anything. Show your gratitude for her unconditional, selfless love in all these years by giving a thanksgiving speech during the reception, or by simply saying ‘thank you’ during the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.

6. A big hug

Sometimes, love cannot be expressed solely in words. A big, warm and genuine hug would surely deliver a thousand silent words to tell her how much she means to you and you love her just as much.



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