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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Sue Lyn & Zhao Farn

With Valentine’s Day approaching in a few days’ time, we are feeling the love in the air and vibing to some good old love songs. One Republic may not be known primarily for their love songs, but the band’s number All This Time fits Zhao Farn and Sue Lyn’s wedding day edit perfectly. The melody and lyrics spell out the unspoken emotions on their special day:

All this time/ We were waiting for each other

All this time/ I was waiting for you

We got all these words/ Can't waste them on another

So I'm straight in a straight line/ Running back to you

We make the editing choice around this song without any jarring cuts to the actual day audio in order to present a more artistic conception. Sometimes it’s best to just let the music bring out what is too complex to be expressed in words, or so we choose to believe.

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