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Paris Pre-Wedding | Shinn & Susan

All about being candid!

Nothing excites us more than a pair of fun and energetic couple when it comes to pre-wedding photography. Prior to the shooting day, our discussion with Shinn and Susan were done mostly via Skypes and online platforms as they work in Switzerland. But through our conversations, we knew immediately that this couple carry with them great personalities.

True to that, they continue to inspire us in every shot when we arrived in Paris. They are super cool and enjoy being candid while leaving the photos in our good hands. What we have always thought to be a subtle, romantic Paris has been turned into a playful playground for them to hoop around from Eifel tower, to outskirts and vineyard.

The gem of this photo series is very much their personality because it speaks so much louder than the backgrounds do. Our team’s given instruction is to ask them to let loose and be their own selves. Seeing how they are having fun and teasing with each other really enlightens the shooting environment. Their own love language is the essence of these photos and we truly believe this is what photography is all about.

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