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Pre-Wedding in FRIM and PD | Celebrating Vanessa & Mark

Let’s take a break from all the flying. Hello new Malaysia, we are back for another local pre-wedding series!

We have lost count on the number of times we have done pre-wedding session in FRIM but truth to be told, we have yet (and perhaps will never) get bored of its natural scenery because it gives so much life to photos. Take the mini waterfall for example, it is surrounded by tall trees in greens that allows just the right amount of sunlight to penetrate through, hitting the earthy tone of rocks as they sit still for the stream to flow down. An image as simple as that yet its beauty is beyond words can describe.

Vanessa and Mark also travelled to the beach in PD for another series different from the jungle vibe of FRIM. We specially love the ivory dress that Vanessa chose to complement Mark’s choice of maroon suit. It really adds that extra feature and personality to the photos.

As we have always say, our homeland is a beauty that we often forget. So, let this series of pre-wedding shots remind us to put more effort to see the beauty our tanah air has gifted us for years.

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