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Tips to Planning Your Wedding Amid COVID-19

Planning a wedding is no easy task, let alone doing it during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many wedding couples are left in dilemmas to make tough decisions: postpone the wedding? Reduce the guest list? What about all the booked vendor services?

We have been tirelessly helping our clients with these issues and we thought it’d be useful to share some of our tips to help you navigate through this tough time. So, brace yourself and read away!

Don’t panic – organise.

Be patient and keep calm to wait until the mud settles and the water is clear. Do not panic. While the outbreak has caught us off guard, it is important to keep calm throughout the process. Gather your mind and organise the changes in your wedding plan.

We strongly advise you to review the current stage of your wedding planning. Discuss with your partner on how both of you prefer to amend the plan as of now. What are your expectations and worries? Remain calm and talk things out to avoid miscommunication before making any decisions.

Speak to your booked venue & vendors

After talking to your partner, contact the wedding venue. If both of you have decided to postpone the wedding, try your best to decide on alternative dates. This is so that the wedding venue can check their availability, and ease the process of postponement, and if needs be, cancellation policies.

Next, contact your vendors to update them on the changes. Again, check your alternative wedding dates with them. If they are not available on your preferred date, discuss with them for other arrangement. They may have other available dates. Or, some vendors like photographers and videographers may have other available teams that are able to fit your schedule and produce similar quality work.

If unfortunately, both parties are unable to come to a common ground, discuss the cancellation policies. Check the deposit refunds with your vendors, and go through the T&C in the agreed contract. Your wedding vendors would appreciate an open-hearted conversation as it would smoothen the discussion.

As vendors ourselves, we would try our best to accommodate to our clients’ needs. If your wedding is still months away, or you have not decided on a postponement – be frank with your venue and vendors as well. This would help both parties to establish an earlier discussion on the available options.

Don’t forget that other couples are also facing the same challenge. So, it’s only wise to have a proper plan in mind.

Book new vendors?

Just because your wedding may be postponed, it doesn’t mean you should stop all wedding planning. If you’d eyed on certain vendors, feel free to book them in advance. With the changes in the current wedding landscape, they would most likely be booked quicker in the future dates.

Bear in mind that it is still important to discuss your preferred styles or concepts, and expectations. Don’t be afraid to go through the cancellation clauses before booking. Again, open-hearted conversations help a great deal.

Inform your family & friends

If you have decided to postpone your wedding, reach out to your family and friends, and everyone on the guest list. Inform them on the new updates. Act fast. Try not to leave them hanging as your guests need time to reschedule as well.

For guests who are travelling to attend your wedding, check if they need help booking new flights and accommodation. Make sure to also check the country’s travel policies and bans during this time.

Last note from us..

We are all in this together. This pandemic has taken a toll on us as clients, business owners, employees, employers, parents, and children. You are not alone.

If you feel overwhelmed or need professional opinions, please do not hesitate to drop us a text on our social media, or email us at While our team is currently working safely from home in line with the Movement Restriction Order, we’d be more than happy to help you via phone call or Whatapps.

Take care, stay safe, and may we overcome this together!

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