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Garden Wedding in Anantara, Phuket | Kate & Jordan

A garden wedding by the beach in the ever-wonderful Phuket island.

There is just, something about Phuket that captures the hearts of many. The white, sandy beaches with chilling breeze in a tropical country, the energy and enthusiasm of the locals, the outdoor liveliness that blends perfectly with scenic, natural landscapes created by Mother Nature, and so much more that speaks close to perfection for a destination wedding.

Armadale is more than delighted to cover the wedding of Jordan and Kate, set in the dazzling Anantara Villas in Phuket island. This luxurious and fine villa opens out unto the panoramas along the coast line of Mai Khao, perfectly adorned this celebration of unity.

“When you hold my hand and with me, I feel safe and warm. It’s not about the things that you get for me but those small little unexpected things u said and done each and every single day that, makes me feel loved and happy.”

Just as Kate said in her speech, love lies within the smallest details in every day’s life, and it is one’s ultimate happiness to see beyond the apparent pictures engraved by love.

Check out their wedding photos here :


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