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Church Wedding | Celebrating Gary & Angeline

When Gary and Angeline were planning their wedding, they knew that a worship service has to be in the agenda to give thanks to God, who has, among the billions of souls in this universe, brought them together as one and gifted them this precious relationship. Their love for each other is strengthened by this unexplainable, invincible faith that we were only able to understand when we witnessed from aside, their heartfelt gratitude to God in the melody of worships. Even those who have only talked briefly with the couple can feel the deep connection between them, and we have every reason to believe that it is God’s presence that has unified such strong union.

The wedding truly reflects the couple’s relationship, one that is central around praising and serving God. It was such a beautiful moment to see the couple incorporated their faith into this very important day of their lives, as all the worships, prayers, and blessings from the church have elevated the purpose of their wedding to a more meaningful height: Gary and Angeline’s wedding was not only a celebration to bring together two people who are in love with each other, but also a meaningful commemoration for the two to make an eternal covenant before God.

It has been our honour to have documented such an inspiring wedding, and we wish the couple all the happiness in the world.