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Church Wedding / Holy Trinity Church - Celebrating Paul & Joyce

We have a lot to talk about this wedding, but none like the way Paul looks at his wife.

Located on a rooftop of the Lot 10 Shopping Centre, the Holy Trinity church in Bukit Bintang topped the chart as our favourite churches so far. Joyce’s wedding dress crafted with delicate lace, designed in a mermaid cut that hugs her figure perfectly, and completed with a gracefully crafted veil is also another lovely element we couldn’t stop talking about after the wedding. And then there are the very minimal floral designs at the church that present a humble yet exquisite adornment.

But none of these aspects move us as much as Paul’s expression when he delivered his vow. His eyes were glowing with so much joy as he said to Joyce, “I become your husband and you become my wife”. Everyone who was present at the wedding could see how happiness overtook his soul and streaked through him like a comet. It is no wonder that Joyce was smiling so radiantly as her husband’s very spirit sparkled inside her.

Although we couldn’t exactly measure their heartbeats, we’re sure they were pounding hard with excitement but paradoxically, weak with gratitude. The joy resonated through Paul not only lifted the soul of his newly wedded wife, but every being who were lucky enough to have witnessed this beautiful moment.

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