June Weekly Issue | 6 Tricks To Give Your Wedding A Major Upgrade!

Our in-house trumpet gowns that you’ll fall head over heels for. A trumpet silhouette hugs the bodice to the mid-hip and then flares dramatically in the lower thighs, right before the bride’s knees. It features a clean and modern cut that highlights your figures – ideal for elegant and romantic brides!

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

The wise old saying nails high heels as pleasure with pain. But time has changed. A customized pair of wedding heels by The White Atelier with genuine in-sole leather will offer you all the pleasure but none of the pain.

Heels: The White Atelier

Let’s talk about veils. More precisely, a unique one. Pearls are the latest bridal trend that sweep the wedding sphere. A simple stretch of tulle with modern pearls would be your special symphony that rings the wedding bell.

The renown Malaysian hat designer, Bremen Wong, is the champion of endless creativity and passion. Each of his creations is fully handcrafted and custom-made. No longer a royal’s privilege, customizing a hat for yourself can truly make a grandiose wedding.