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Li-Jang, China Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Jordan & Wan Cheng

Every return to Li-Jiang is an appreciation for its hundred years of cultural beauty: it’s like a step back in time to the ancient China. This beautifully preserved Chinese town speaks in its own language that seeps through every room, flavours the air and moves like molecules in the atmosphere. Despite a tricky weather that has been drizzling throughout the days, our photos session with Jordan and Wan Cheng was almost an effortless task thanks to their corporative and understanding.

The town offers more than just ancient but a wide range of scenic views. We made use of the nature elements to complement Jordan’s classic look in a piece of white off-shoulder gown. The greens are exceptionally stunning during the period between falls and winter, the turquoise lake water looks straight out from any Chinese films, and we came across a bridge that stood between tall trees overlooking an ancient temple. This town sure is one uniqueness of a different era. Boy, are our eyes and souls blessed.

LiJang Pre-Wedding
China Pre-Wedding
Destination Wedding
Lijang China Pre-Wedding
Lijang China Pre-Wedding
China Lijang prewedding
China Pre-Wedding

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