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Wedding in AVANTÉ Hotel | Celebrating James & Ashlee

"From now on, it's us against the world,"

James ended his vows to Ashlee with determination shining in his eyes. They are ready to face life’s challenges together hand in hand, with unwavering love and support.

This is a wedding celebration brimming with boundless joy, heartfelt emotions, and tender moments.

The day commenced with the graceful traditions of a traditional Chinese wedding, where both sets of parents expressed their warm welcome and blessings during the tea ceremony—an incredibly touching moment.

As evening descended, James and Ashlee exchanged vows by the shimmering poolside at Avante Hotel, each word resonating with their profound love.

And beneath the twinkle of lights, they shared a mesmerizing first dance in the grand ballroom, surrounded by the love of cherished family and friends.

Here's to James and Ashlee, may your journey ahead be filled with endless love, laughter, and beautiful memories together!  ❤️


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