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Wedding in Ciao Ristorante & Majestic Hotel | Celebrating Ashley & Caleb

Caleb and Ashley mark their one-in-a-lifetime unions by keeping their traditional roots whilst throwing a cozy wedding ceremony followed by a modern reception dinner. The morning begins with the joyous Chinese ritual of gate crashing games, putting the groomsmen’s teamwork to test when asked to complete several tasks before Caleb was given the greenlight to receive his bride. While we can’t say if the groomsmen have enjoyed the games, but the crowds and bridesmaids sure had a good fun watching them!

The celebration then took on a twist when the couple proceeded to tie their matrimony at the glasshouse of one of KL’s oldest Italian restaurant, Ciao Ristaurante. Witnessed by close family and friends, the ceremony is decorated in blush pink florals and green finery for the couple to exchange their vows. Ashley’s promise to Caleb, “I will dream with you, celebrate with you, and walk beside you no matter what life brings” was so tear-triggering that we decided to incorporate it in this video highlight, twice! It is a rather different approach as compared to our usual editing style but, we just had to!

The dinner reception at Majestic Hotel featured flowers in every artistic arrangement and variety that greeted guests from the foyer area. These floral beauties launched many photo moments for the guests, all the way into the garlanded ballroom, but nothing could be more dazzling than the bride herself. Dressed in a white ball gown, Ashley was serenaded by Caleb who performs a love song to welcome her into the ballroom before the two walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

Tea Ceremony : Ciao Ristorante

Wedding Decoration : Spring Cottage


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