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Wedding in Marriott Putrajaya | Celebrating Valerie & Eugene

When it comes to weddings, the ceremony itself is often thought to be the only highlight of the day. But truth to be told, every moment before the ceremony is memorable as well. We love the dynamic between the couple hours before they walk down the aisle because it represents the purest excitement and anticipation within them, for marking a new milestone in their lives, together as one.

The bonding between the bride and her bridesmaids, groom and his groomsmen, are equally precious. To have your closest people around you on your big day is perhaps one of the many reasons that makes wedding unique and memorable. At the end of the day, memories will live on forever.

We decided to dedicate this series of portraits to Valerie and Eugene. It is our tribute to the often-forgotten part of wedding: the people who matter the most to the bride and groom. We kept things simple. There was no props or awkward posing, just the closest group of people cherishing their moment together as they celebrate the couple’s very big day. It has been our honour to capture these simple, yet significant images.