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Wedding of Steve and Connie

Meet Steve and Connie, our lovely couple from Sarawak who invited us over to cover their wedding day.

The day started early with a traditional Chinese 'Chip San Leong' (picking up the bride) session. It's undoubtedly one of the funniest moment in Chinese weddings when the groomsmen strike their best effort to help the Groom going through all the game challenges.

The newlyweds then moved on to a church ceremony. In the name of God, the two confessed their love and vowed to protect, to love, to cherish each other. We were especially touched to witness not just their love towards one another, but also sharing their love and faith in the journey with God.

Years of experience in the wedding industry, we are still moved by moments like these. It is that look in their eyes that reminds us Love is not one, or two, but for all.


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