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We hear you from abroad!

Tying the knot in overseas but do not have many good choices of photography or cinematography?  Yes we hear you!

Armadale prides itself as one of the most complete bridal house that provides not just extensive collection of gowns, but also a group of professional photographers and videographers. Based in Malaysia, a country with multiple races living in harmony, we are blessed to have been exposed to different wedding cultures and traditions – which prepared us to cover any weddings in overseas without worry.

Now let’s feed your curiosity about flying a wedding team abroad to cover your special day:


Cost! Cost! Cost!

With the low-cost airline carriers, traveling has never been easier these days. Our team have acquired years of experience covering weddings in beautiful places such as Phuket, Bali, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, etc. Let yours be the next!


Plus point –  let’s not forget about the currency? Do the math calculation and you might realize that it’s even more reasonable to spend on our quality, rather than settling down with an ‘alright’ choice in your hometown.

It’s your big day! You deserve the BEST but not just an average option!


Will there be communication barrier?

Speak to us! Our team will be more than happy to discuss with you. Share us your ideas, expectations or concerns, and we will provide you advise to clear your doubts. Malaysians crowned the title of being called ‘language genius’ for our ability to speak easily 2 languages or more. We can be reached via phone calls, WhatsApp, or email – whichever way you feel convenient.


When can we expect to see you?

Our team would usually arrived at your wedding destination a day or two before, to ensure we have enough rest, spare some time getting to know you better. In Armadale, we treat every clients like our close friends, it is the sense of closeness that make our clients feel comfortable. Only then, you would be happy to leave us this important task of creating memories.


When can I get my photos or videos?

The fun doesn’t finish once the wedding is over, so does our professionalism. After your wedding day, we will soon begin the process of reviewing, editing and final touch up for your photos or videos. Give us around 2 to 3 months to ensure a fine quality of final products being delivered to you. Our team will then contact you for collection of photos – which can be done via online sharing or courier if you’re abroad.


I have so many questions!

Ring us at 603-7731 9100 / whatapps us at +6012 3263 501 or drop us an email at We are more than happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Let us be a part of your wedding day today!

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