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What makes a wedding package truly special?


The content? Agreeable, hence Armadale’s wedding package comprises all major components of photography, cinematography, gown, makeup and hair styling.  


But, is that the deciding factor that triggers couples to seal the deal? Not entirely.


In Armadale, clients are more than just clients. Our interactions and conversations aim to understand you better as wedding couples. We listen to your dream and ideas, at the same time try our best to discover the potentials to make your wedding a special case that is different from others.


We emphasize a lot on personalization: the one-of-a-kind element that belongs to only you and your partner. Our photography team schedules meeting with couples to find out their expectation and requirement, build connections to incorporate their personalities into artwork. We turn ideas into actual actions and photos that you can see, touch and feel. Our team is understanding and patience. We are not only present to shoot your wedding, but is there so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding, knowing that Armadale can, and we will deliver our best.


Working as a team, our bridal consultants project the same quality. We provide more than just wide range of gowns and generating new line every month. Exquisite quality gowns lay the foundation for our bridal consultants to work their magic. Before giving suggestions, we go beyond the miles to understand you because every bride is unique on their own. It is our expertise to find your uniqueness, then complement you with the right gown, the suitable makeup and the appropriate hair style.


Our bridal consultants offer valuable advice during the selection of the gowns and discussion on bridal look. We are attentive to details to ensure you look good in what best suits you. If you are clueless about wedding fashion, don’t stress about it – because we are here to help. Our job is to ensure you a comfortable experience while providing a complete wedding package without hidden cost or agenda.


So, why Armadale? It’s simple –


Complete wedding package + reliable customer service.


Visiting our boutique is just a few buttons away, send us a message if you would like to drop by, or speak to us if you have queries on our wedding package.


For your once in a lifetime moment, choose Armadale to sprinkle the magic.

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