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Thank you ! 谢谢 ! Arigato ! Kamsahamnida ! Merci !

Over the years, it's been our pleasure to create dream weddings for every couple - we count it an honor to do so.


Looking at these Thank You cards, emails, notes from all around the world,  we can’t help but to give our upmost appreciation to our beloved couples, for entrusting us to be a part of your wedding journey.

Thank you for these lovely pieces of motivations, for us to continue our effort to make sure every bride walks out of Armadale with a big smile on their faces, and a heart-full of joy. It is your happiness that we strongly believe in our value.

So thank you, thank you and thank you !    

I will say this is the most worth spending and also the best choices we had choose Armadale Wedding as our vendor. We select the pre-wedding package to Prague, from selections of gowns, make up, photographer skills are all I could say is tip top 👍🏻 We were really happy with the outcome of all the photos quality especially my husband and I are not confident in front of camera. Thanks Darren for able to capturing us in a very genuine and natural way. Also, Jasmine is who are the one who attended us on the package arrangement. She really has a good sense in picking the suitable gowns that able to make you look stunning. By far, they are the only bridal shop I have surveyed and Armadale staff are never haggle on minor matter as in the amount of photos they will provides. In fact , they gives us all the record without any extra cents (many will charge per photos if you picked extra from the package).
Last but not least, Armadale team is really professional, experienced, attentive and thoughtful service, we are really glad and pleased to use their service.
Special thanks to Jasmine, Darren, Emily, Jamie


June & Fraser |  

Destination PreWedding Photography


Hoong Yi & Ru Yi |  

Destination PreWedding Photography

A year ago, after visiting several bridal studios, me and my husband hit upon Armadale wedding. After we had a chat with Emily and shown some of their work and gowns, we immediately fell in love and it didn't take long for us to sign-up with Armadale which is one of the best decisions that we ever made for our wedding. We had been warned by friends and families about bridal house schemes but with Armadale, they had been open and honest since the first day and live by what they have promised until the very end.
Special should out to Emily, who helped us throughout our journey and being extremely patient with us.
Our photographer, Darren, who is very friendly, and his work has drawn a lot of compliments from our family and friends.
Our make-up artist, Tze Pei, who did my pre-wedding make up and helped during the pre-wedding photoshoot,
Finally, I would highly recommend Armadale wedding to everyone for their service, professionalism and honesty. Wedding can be a stressful and Armadale have definitely gave us a peace of mind. Cheers!


Terry & Peggy |  

Destination PreWedding Photography 

Armadale Wedding was Great !! They've made our big day a more memorable one. We've certainly made the right choice in choosing Armadale Wedding. They are approachable, professional, dedicated,helpful & patient. We're very happy and satisfied with their service!
Special Thanks to :
Emily, Jolene, Tze Pei, Darren, CY

Dear Armadale Team, 

Thanks for both the pre-wedding and actual day footage, photos, and the ever high tech “ISMARTPHOTO” app introduction for our wedding. We are extremely satisfied with your team’s professionalism from the very first day I met all of you. Your team had played a big part in such a wonderful wedding. 

The best thing about Armadale, apart from the team itself, was, there’s no hidden charges and they have unlimited wedding gown selections. You can just put your entire trust in the team in giving the best service you could asked for. 

Special dedications to: 

Joanne - Thanks to Joanne for bringing an exceptional talented team together and for being helpful in giving us the best package from the very first session we met last year. She understand our needs and desire right till the end and always ensuring that we get the best out from Armadale’s team. 

Jasmine (personal consultant) - You just made everything became perfect for our wedding. Your friendliness, wonderful eye and great professionalism. Thank you so much for your patience and helping Huie find her dream wedding gown, and apologies for the numerous turndown of gowns selection. Plenty of compliments from family and friends, especially on the evening gown that we’ve selected. Thanks to you for giving us the best of Armadale.

Jamie (make-up artist) - Thanks for the pre-wedding make-up session in Sydney and I trust we had a wonderful trip together. Huie’s make-up was so good that it look so natural. Every lil bit of help here and there during our wedding gown trials and returns, the small stuff that often not noticed.

Emily (photo editor) - Just didn’t fail to impress us with your editing skills and coming up with a wonderful pre-wedding slideshows and album. Always giving us the best piece of advise when it comes to choosing photos. Thank you!

Covan (pre-wedding and actual day photographer) - Beautiful moments captured, from pre-wedding up till the actual night. He’s a very friendly, responsible and detailed guy, and gave us a lot of useful tips to prepare for our wedding. He was so patient with us even though we exceeded the photo session time. There’s totally no doubt on your photography skills and we appreciate every lil bit of idea/advice/opinion. Thank you!


Rexy (actual day photographer) - First impression was friendly and very professional guy. Thanks a lot for being so thoughtful, sparring your whole day with us and gave all guest ample of time for photo session. No doubt both Covan and yourself are a good partnership.

Huie and I would like to sincerely thank all of you once again for making this process a memorable one.


Top notch service and definitely no regrets engaging Armadale. The best bridal shop in town!

Huei & Avis |   Destination PreWedding Photography in Sydney & Wedding Day Photography

Huey Wen & Wei Li |  

Destination PreWedding Photography in Bali, Wedding Day

Photography & Cinematography

I don't even know where to start with putting this thank you into words. It's been a wonderful journey with Armadale team since day one till our big day .


Specially thanks to Covan for our pre wedding photo . It was so fantastic and better than what we expected . Thanks Jamie for her professional make up service to ensure I look good in all events .

A massive thank you to Foong , Han & their assistant for all your hard work and amazing videography & photography yesterday. The slideshow & video at our reception was astonishing, it was so nice for our guest to see what had been happening during day time. Our wedding guest even commented on how professional you all were .

Lastly not forgetting to thanks Armadale consultant - Emily for all her professional guidance & services since we started engaged with Armadale. Without her, all the things will not be turn out so perfectly .


It was more than just a service from Armadale. We do make friends throughout the whole journey. Everyone was so friendly that makes us feel comfortable dealing with.


Trust me , journey with Armadale is simply amazing and you will never regret. Thank you Armadale team for the professional services !

My Husband and I would like to thank everyone in Armadale Weddings for giving us the most memorable day ever.


Everyone who works for Armadale was amazing, they were super friendly and helpful. They will take care of every detail, the communication was super easy and relaxed.


We are extremely happy with all the services that we bought from them, from the pre-wedding photos to the actual day itself, we felt looked after and cared for. The best part was definitely the customer relations. Thanks for the memories our friends!

Thanks Emily,Darren,Jayze, Jasmine, Foong, Yang and Rexy!

Cassandra & Adrian |  

Destination PreWedding Photography in Bali, Wedding Day

Photography & Cinematography

Janice & Ai Vin |   Pre-Wedding Photography

First of all, a very special thanks to Emily from the beginning and towards a happy ending! Wore my dream perfect wedding gown as well as photoshoot all thanks to Armadale!

Did survey among many bridal studio, Armadale was indeed on the higher price side but thinking back no regrets due to all photos are given back, no limit on gown selection and most importantly, no hidden cost! Unlike the nightmares we heard and read from other bridal studio.

We got unlucky and it was raining after our first photoshoot session and throughout the evening, instead of just proceed with photoshooting under the rain with bad lighting condition, Armadale Chief photographer, Covan went all out to help re-arrange our photoshoot to be on the next day by Darren! I don't think other bridal studio will do the same. It was indeed above and beyond.

Another special package Armadale offered was "Behind the Scenes - BTS Video", it was very special because we got to the what was happening during our photoshoot through a third party point of view. Special thanks to Fung & Yang for the awesome video!

Special thanks also to my MUA, Jazce with her professional guidance and feedback throughout the gown selection session. I definitely love her make-up and hair do for my pre-wedding shooting! She put alot of effort on every single detail and make everything perfect. 

In conclusion, Armadale was the best decision ever due to their professional, friendly and flexible service. 5 star recommended!!

Choosing Armadale as one of our main wedding vendor, is definitely a right decision we've made and would never regret! First and foremost, A huge thank you to the person that brings me to Armadale's family, she is Emily - the sales consultant, she plays a very important role in it.. to be frank,


Before visiting Armadale, I have visited many bridal houses around PJ area and Armadale were probably the 6th I have visited, and finally Emily locks my heart down that I want to stick with their service and not surveying any other bridal house from then. I love their sincerity, their services, their friendliness and of cos there isn't any hidden cost for gown selection! Everyone are equal, everyone gets to select all range of gown which I think this is very transparent!


To be honest, I am quite a high expectation bride, however their works, their services has never failed my faith on them!

Next, I would like to gratefully and sincerely thank Foong, ah Yang, Covan, Jamie, Json and his assistant for the great photography , cinematography & make up for my Bali ROM and KL actual day session! The end result they have provided by end of the event is just stunning, amazing and frankly it went above and beyond our expectation too!

Also, must special thanks to Foong, he is not just a chief cinematographer but also a wedding planner for our ROM in Bali + actual day, he went extra miles to help us coordinate with hotel setup in Bali and also gave us some ideas on how we can plan our actual day program flow from morning to dinner time!

Along my wedding journey - gown selection for Bali ROM & actual day, we met Jasmine and Angel too! These 2 ladies are just as amazing as they are! They understand what is my criteria on gown selection, they tried their very best to fulfill all my fussy requirement to ensure getting me the best gown! I truly appreciate their patients, dedications and efforts put in it!

Last but not least, apparently a very important person I would like to thanks - Joanne! Joanne, million thanks for bringing such a good team in Armadale! Thanks for being so patient with me that always ask you to 'tuk tuk' calculator when we are negotiating the customized package. Thanks for being not just a wedding vendor but a true friend with us! I appreciate every single moment I spent with you, your team and the whole Armadale's family!

To all Married couple to-be, Engage Armadale I guarantee you would be no regrets and surely a happy bride like me! Absolutely more than 5 stars service!

Elly & Way Kiat |  

ROM Photography, Cinematography and Make Up

Wedding Day Cinematography

Suet Funn & Raymond |  

Bali ROM, Wedding Day Photography and Make Up

First of all, heartfelt and lots of thanks to the amazing Armadale team. 3 months before the wedding, we decided to have our ceremony in Bali 😱 and immediately, boost mode is on to look for gown, photographer and makeup artist to go along to Bali. Without much research, I came across Armadale and decided to drop by to have a look.


Well, as the saying goes. The rest is history... we met the most awesome team of Emily, Jazce and Darren. From selection of gowns (Emily was more nervous than me, as I only managed to go a month before the actual day LOL), fitting and confirming, Emily and Jazce have given me lots of options and suggestions until I found the perfect gowns for the day (it's perfect because I have received uncountable compliments 😬). Their follow up was superb to ensure everything goes well for me.


On the actual day, Jazce was my 'wonder woman'. With the short timing available as the schedule was super tight, she has transformed me to the Lady of the Day. Her makeup and hair styling skills are really 5 stars. Of course not forgetting Darren, our photographer. Without him, we don't have all the nice, sweet, beautiful pictures to share with friends and family. He was such a great sifu in making sure we gave the best pose. His ever ready character to make changes to the surroundings in getting the best shot, is really admirable. No angle is tough for him, no moment is missed from him.


During the whole shoot, Jazce was also quick to assist to ensure we pose as instructed 😏😏 their synergy and energy made our day. When we came back, and saw the photos, instantly without any doubt, we know that we were extremely fortunate to have found the perfect partner in making our wedding so memorable.


Thanks again Armadale team especially Emily, Jazce and Darren. It is indeed our pleasure to have engaged you as our wedding vendor. 🎈❣️

Dear Armadale Weddings Team,

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your team to others because of our satisfaction with your service!

Joanne – Thank you for providing us your best team in town to make both of us look so stunning and elegance!

Special thanks to our wedding consultant, Emily – who has been with us since the very beginning, she’s very generous and with her professional service, she makes us believe that we chose the right team! Giving us lots of advice and also with her well planning & creative mind, we leave it all to them to plan and execute the schedule for us.

Precious moments captured from the photographer – Darren & Covan, Cinematographer – Foong & Yang, who never fail to make us look good on every picture taken during the pre-wedding & actual day shooting. We are so happy with the outcome of beautiful moments captured, thank you for the hard-sweat work! You guys are amusing!

Makeup Artist – Jaime, thank you for making me the most beautiful bride & most importantly, my husband recognize me after all :D

Jasmine - Thank you for making my husband & I look perfectly on both gown & suits!

We are absolutely satisfied with the professional service provide by Armadale Weddings!

Thank you once again!

Sincerely Groom & Bride, 
Jacky & Michelle

Jacky & Michelle |  

Pre Wedding, Wedding Day Photography, 

Cinematography and Make Up

Sofia & Jonathan , Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Both Jonathan and I cannot begin to describe how lucky we feel to have found you and your team at such late notice, and the ease of making the appropriate arrangements when I first got in touch with you just 2 days before the wedding. I remembered that late night whatsapp correspondences we had 2 days before the wedding vividly, and I cannot be more grateful for your experience and proactiveness in making me feel so at ease.


Your reputation was enough to convince me that your team was perfect. That being said the reality hit me when your team (and drone) arrived on the Island, and the next few hours which flew by so quickly, were forever captured, with not a detail missed. Our guests were so impressed! The end product was breathtaking, nothing less then perfection. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you again Edwin, Foong and Jasmine of Armadale Weddings​. Your work is true art.

Sofia and Jonathan

Hello Ah Yang!!


First of all, can I just say- can't believe that you are so young!!!

Sin Wee and I were trying to message you but we didn't have your number. Hope you don't mind me Facebook message you here. We just wanted to say a big thank you for your incredible work on the SDE video- it looks so awesome can't wait for the actual one! Thank you for your hard work and for letting us have so much fun throughout the day. We actually hesitated about hiring a videographer but gosh we are so glad that we did!

Thank you for making our special day so beautiful and for letting us to have this wonderful memory to keep. It's been a great pleasure working with you and your team. You've got so much talent and we are very certain that you will continue to shine. Again, no words can describe how grateful we are 😊

“Hello Covan, 


We saw your beautiful photos yesterday. Can we just say it was the most amazing pictures ever that we've seen anyone taken. To us this was more than just a set of wedding photos, it was a wonderful memory that you and your team had given to us. This is what money can't buy and why we would like you to know how grateful we are.


We've been together for 7 years and thanks to you, we now have a beautiful compilation of memories to bring with us to carry on with our next phase of life. So thank you so much again for everything that you've done for us. It was truly a great pleasure and so much fun working with your team. Will definitely recommend you guys to our friends smile emoticon take care!

- Sin Wee & Duo Ying |

Wedding Day Photography & Cinematography

Madelene & Gerald | Destination Wedding, Sydney 

Armadale was the other option on my list for wedding photographers. I did some initial research into their style and colour of photography, and have pretty much decided to engage them, except that I wanted to meet their photographer first. In actual fact, Armadale proved to be an excellent choice indeed, especially after I met Covan, who is just so easy to get on with, understanding, approachable and most importantly, he has an excellent eye for photos! I think these are very important element as wedding photo (be it pre- or post-wedding) is such a personal thing that it is important for the wedding couple to be at ease, and be themselves with their photographer so that the pictures turns out natural and beautiful.

And when we received our pre-wedding photos, we were just so glad and happy that we decided to do it. Even my hubby (who is not into photos) were glad himself - simply because the photos turned out so well, and beautiful ! Armadale photographers are also adaptable to the weather conditions, as our original shooting day were forecasted to be rainy - so he improvised by splitting the shooting into 2 days, and we managed to evade the rain completely, and shots on the second day turned out really well too. We headed opposite direction of the rain, as suggested by Covan. His make up artist, Jaime is also a skilled artist, with her natural style of make-up and not overly done. Initially, I was not planning to show my pre-wedding photos at our wedding banquet, but Armadale and its committed team (Jasmine and Emily), rushed all out to ready them for my wedding day (which is only 1 month away from the pre-wedding shooting), and managed to deliver everything just in time. So, we had the opportunity to do a montage of our pre-wedding photos, and lo and behold - everyone were just so amazed by it! To the point that I had some asking me if it were taken by an oversea photographer, and I replied "Not at all. It was Armadale in KL!"

So, if you are thinking of doing pre-wedding photos but is not 100% sure, my advise is to go for it, believe in it and have faith in Armadale. I do not think you will go wrong with them as they are reliable, professional and so helpful in giving suggestion (e.g. on dresses, accessories, location, pose, even choice of song for slideshow, etc) that it will be a fun and happy experience.

Big thanks to Armadale, and all the best!

Been waiting patiently for the final video to be done and here it is!! You know they say better late than never. Sometimes I sit down and relive our wedding day and I'd feel so thankful for such a wonderful day. The company, love, laughter, awesome food, and even the weather.


May this video forever reminds us of not just the eventful day we became husband and wife, but the promises we made to each other.


We sincerely thank Armadale Weddings and Darren for the hardwork throughout the day and the awesome moments captured. We love the video and pics very much. Thank you.

p/s:  Special thanks should be given to Darren  and Gary CL as the head photographer and videographer. Feel free to contact them if you like their work and happen to be getting married soon ;)

Hui Hui & Sim

Wedding Day Photography & Cinematography

Joelyn & Paul | Destination Prewedding 

It was almost an instant decision to engage w Armadale Weddings for our photoshoot and we're so glad that we did!


They provide the best that they can w sincerity and dedication, which assured us that there's no need to look any further for premium quality.


Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, we'd highly recommend you guys in the future!

Hi Armadale Team,


We just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all of you!


Foong and Yang were fantastic! You guys caught so many important and precious moments that we can watch over and over again. We love it and everyone has seen it loves it too! The few min cinematography turned out absolutely amazing! We can't wait for the full version of the video. Both of you are professional and had a great personalities to work with. The drone was also a big plus to capture everything from above. You guys rocks! Thank you for helping make our day so memorable!!!


Jasmine and Emily has been amazing! You gals not only made us feel welcome you made us feel like royalty. Both of you spent hours pulling gowns and helping me into them never making me feel rushed. You helped me find the perfect dress!


Meanwhile, you ladies really put extra effort for our pre-wedding photos, photo album and car decor. We truly appreciate your 5 Stars service! Thank you ladies, you made our day so special.


Best Regards, Keng Foo & Yoke Yee

Keng Foo & Yoke Yee | Destination Prewedding, Wedding Photography & Cinematography 

Timothy Lau & Tara | Pre Wedding Photography

It was the very same month in October 2015, that I stepped into Armadale, not as a bride, but as a Maid of Honor to my future sister-in-law, Nicki. I saw how she radiated with joy as she came to try on her wedding day gown to see if it fits. She couldn't stop telling me how pleasant her experience has been so far with Armadale, and she kept mentioning the name Jasmine, and how impressed she was with the impeccable service that's been given.


Fast forward to April 2016, I stepped into Armadale, now as a future bride! I was excited to sign up with Armadale, and went on to select gowns for our pre-wedding photos. There was so much enthusiasm and excitement from the team as they helped with providing suggestions and insights into what I would look best in.


But one encounter stood out, and that was when I came to select my Actual day gown in Oct 2016. I have always imagined wearing a vintage gown, that had long-laced sleeves, (quite like the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge). I came on aSaturday morning, with my two girlfriends, and after trying on the 3rd gown, I thought I found 'the One'. Much like finding a life partner, it has to come from your heart, and your gut feel. However, because of my small frame, the neckline wouldn't sit on a straight off-shoulder cut, like how it was meant to be worn. I still said "Yes, to the dress", and went home, hoping that the additional stitching will help. 


That night, I felt a sense of uneasiness, as the gown was only available for fitting on 31st Dec, and it would hv been a risk that I had to take. I called up Jasmine again on Sunday noon, and asked if I could pop by to give it another go, to see if things could be work out between me and the gown.


Without a hint of hesitation, I hear the same affirming and bubbly reply from the other end, saying "Sure!" I came by, and saw how busy she was with other clients. I felt bad enough for coming in like that, and furthermore, I found out that she sacrificed her pumping time to make time for our ad-hoc appointment.


After stepping into the same gown, we both agreed that it wasn't the best-fitted gown for my frame, and we just have to take the risk. I changed out of my gown, ready to leave, when Jasmine with her uplifting spirit, said "Let's go have a look elsewhere!" She took me to Inzpire, the sister company of Armadale to see if we would find something there. I learnt that it's not the usual practice for clients to be able to select gowns from this range. I was so touched to begin with, EVEN IF, I couldn't find the gown here. 


We walked in, and THERE IT STOOD so elegantly. A long-sleeve laced, vintage A-line gown- hanging at the end of the middle rack among the other glistening white wedding gowns. It looked more petite in size compared to the others that we saw in Armadale, and boy, was I excited to try it on immediately. I slipped into it with the help of Jasmine, and I think she saw how flushed I was by then- my face beaming with joy. When she finished tying the back of the gown, we both had to agree, that this fits me to a tee! It even had a sexy-back! 


With that, I found the ONE, the DRESS of my dreams. All this, thanks to the amazing help of Jasmine, who was so kind to give her time, and her heart to help me on this mission, like it was her own. 


Truly, I must say, that Armadale gives only top-notch service to its clients. It doesn't come from the head, it comes from the heart too, and clients can tell the difference! I know that this experience has touched my heart in a very, very meaningful way that I will remember for a long, long, long time. :)



Thanks so much, again, Jasmine & Joanne! I know this has been a rather long post, but it was exactly how I felt. Feel free to cut down on the words if you need to, yeah! =D

Jasmine & Michael | Destination Prewedding (Dubai), Actual Wedding Photography & Cinematography 

Dear Armadale,

My husband and I would like to convery our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well dont. We are extremely glad we chose Armadale. With no doubt. you guys are the best in the industry. The Armadale experience has been amazing. Since day 1 i stepped into your place, everyone has been so pleasant and accommodating. Joanne Lew & Jasmine Hue, thank you so much for being so sweet and calm especially during my bridezilla moments. Jasmine Hue, you have been very patient and entertained all my request. Its been a pleasure dealing with you ladies.

Dear Liew Szet Foong,

You cant imagine how much everyone loved the video. So many compliments from all our guest. My family and friends told me they watch the video over and over. Its is extremely beautiful, it really made many people cry. Michael and I loved it very much.

Thank you once again Armadale, for making the most important day in our live, exceptionally beautiful. We are looking forward to see the rest and I'm sure it will be amazing.

Dear Joanne,

Glad you finally received the thank you card from us. Now for our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

First of all, if it wasn't for our good friend, Connie Law, our paths wouldn't have crossed. Since it was a great challenge to organise a wedding from a million miles away, it was a great relieve when Jay and I decided to sign up with Armadale Weddings. Little did we know that we had a huge challenge in front of us with us not meeting with yourself, Covan Loh, our photographer and Foong, our videographer, until a week before the big day!

Thank you for being so patient with us, bearing with my little impossible requests throughout the whole process, even managing to alter and delivering your gown for our London event, with the simple measurements I could give you. Risky but it worked! Love most of the beautiful gowns, it was impossible to decide. All the images of gowns and countless messages on whatsapp til late nights just so we could short list and decide on the gowns. That is going the extra mile and further 

Thank you for spending the whole day with us, allowing us to choose the gowns and not rushing us:

© Jasmine & Joanne for helping me with trying on the gowns and getting alterations done speedily. The childhood montage you made Jasmine, was so lovely, there were tears and laughter all around.
© Covan for pre-wedding: it was a fun day out, ultimately we enjoyed your company thoroughly, your smile is contagious and even getting Jay to smile throughout the whole shoot. Your easy going manner, flexibility and creative ways of making us smile and pose for the camera.© Covan for the big day: for once again being patient and spending the whole day with us and even extending your time capturing memorable moments of us and our guests.
© Foong for the big day: Thank you for spending all day with us and spending time to prepare the same day edit video for the evening in record time. Capturing funny and touching moments throughout the day. We love it!
© Joanne for overseeing it all, negotiating and for making it all possible for us.

Lastly, thank you to the whole team who spent Valentine's Day with us, making it truly special and memorable! We really appreciate your efforts, love the service and we wish you all the best and more weddings to come.

Yours truly,
Romeo & Juliet (LOL!) a.k.a. Rebecca & Jay

Rebecca & Jay |    Pre-Wedding, Actual Wedding Photography & Cinematography 

Aerial & Aerost |    Pre -Wedding, Wedding Day Photography & Actual Day Make Up 

Dear Armadale team, Aerost and I would like to thank all of you for a job well done -from initial engagement to pre-wedding and finally actual day!! Thank you for making our special day BEAUTIFUL! We received so many compliments from our friends and family! Really appreciate all your hard work.

Special thanks to our all time wedding consultant, Emily, our pre-wedding photographer Covan, pre-wedding and actual day make up artist, Jamie, actual day gown fitting consultant, Jasmine and actual day photographer Darren & Rexy!! You guys are simply awesome!!

Excellent experience! Very understanding team of professionals who truly understands their client needs and wants. Perfect fitting gowns and suits, all up to the current hip fashion industry. Choosing our outfit was a snap of our fingers.Keep up the good work Armadale!


Your team is really fun and energetic!

Sean Lee & Tina |  Actual Wedding Photography, Cinematography & Gowns

CF Lau |    Pre-Wedding, Actual Wedding Photography & Cinematography 

I choose armadale because the gowns are looks new and premium. This is what I like about Armadale.
Special thanks to Emily, Covan, Jasmine ,Jamie and Foong. Emily is a very helpful sales consultant and give me a fair cost. She provide good service and advise during the whole process for choosing gown and photos. She nice to talk and always help me so much. Covan is a very patient and professional photographer. His work is awesome. Thanks Jasmine for the nice photo slideshow video and help me fitting the grown. Excellent service from them! Thanks to jamie help me make up. Thanks to Foong help me take the video for my actual days.

If you ever think wanted to have a different of pre wedding photoshooting from other bridal house , you should have take a look on Armadale Wedding They offer a lot of different pre wedding shooting destinations , with affordable price....their wedding gowns always are the premium one , look classy and elegant!


I want to special thank to Jasmine Hue, who is the sales manager in Armadale wedding. I started to engaged with Armadale back to Match 2015. Throughout a year, Jasmine help me a lot. She is really helpful, very considerate person and patience. I have to confess that I'm a very fussy and perfectionist person. If anything not according to my wish I will surely voice out. No matter how fussy I am , she never lose her patience , try her best to fulfill my needs. I can say that she provide one stop solutions for me. From gown fitting til preparation of album, then photoslideshow.... She's awesome! I pretty like her. Trust me, she is a person who you can rely on. Don't be hesitate to tell her your needs!

Catherine Kong |   Santorini Pre-Wedding

Siew Yann & Nicholas |  

Destination Pre-Wedding in New Zealand

When I first heard about Armadale was from my friend. Followed her came over for gown testing and attracted by the beautiful gown and the attractive packages. 
So for my own big day , no doubt straight away engaged them without any second thought. 

Thanks to Covan for the beautiful pre wedding photos which everyone can feel the beauty of NZ and being super super professional during our shoot and super easy going person. 

Thanks to Jaime for the natural make up which what I want. 

Thanks to Jasmine for her professional advices on the gown choices and the good services every time we entered Armadale despite the peak hour.


Thanks to Emily too always welcome us with big smile and provided us the services

No hidden charges for Armadale package and will be definitely no regret of choosing them. Not like others bridal gallery, they won't be too pushy and force you to sign up packages with them. 

Definitely highly recommendation to all.

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