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Every moment means a lifetime.

Blessed with astounding talent and more than 10 years of experience, Armadale's team of photographers proudly capture every split-second of emotions, into a lifetime of remembrance.


From generation to generation, flipping a photo album has always been the path to re-bond our lives personally with our close ones.


And that, is what makes us continue to preserve memories.

Newly Weds


We listen to your stories.

It is more than just filming an event, but rather seeing, and feeling the affections between one and another that truly moved us. We love to capture every genuine smile, sincere eyes into each other, and the warmth for your loved ones.

Lead by our chief cinematography with more than 10 years of experiences, be sure to enjoy the art of our motion pictures personally catered to your own stories. Armadale believe in understanding every couple’s desired styles, and sprinkle our magic dust to make it happen.

Buttoning Up a Wedding Dress_edited.jpg


Dear fellow brides-to-be,


You are about to be spoiled with choices!

We pride ourselves with own gown label. From timeless and classic, romantic and dreamy, to alluring and glamorous styling – Armadale Gowns collection caters to each and every bride with different personalities, giving you the most surreal gown shopping experience.

With a wide selection of premium quality gowns, we are more than happy to provide suggestions to ease your dilemma (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!). Keeping up with the latest wedding fashion trend, we generate new lineup arrival on a monthly basis, making sure our brides to be in-trend.

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