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Our in-house trumpet gowns that you’ll fall head over heels for. A trumpet silhouette hugs the bodice to the mid-hip and then flares dramatically in the lower thighs, right before the bride’s knees. It features a clean and modern cut that highlights your figures – idea...

The classic A-line gown silhouette is a fit-for-all, especially for brides with a pear body type. It is not shy from glamour and splash, but can also be subtle and classy.

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

When Christian Louboutin sprinkles the Disney magic to birth a pair of sparkl...

A-Line gown is a great choice to hide a curvy figure. It also goes well with almost any body type. Brides can opt for an A-line gown with voluminous bottom for eye catching pre-weddings photo shoots.

For more gown options, feel free to visit our instagram at @armadale_g...

How to choose a gown as stunning as this yellow dress with 3-meter long train that Emma Maembong wore in her Japan pre-wedding shots? We have just the right tips for you. Contact us to learn more about our fabulous gown collection! 

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

From classic lac...

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