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Pre-Wedding in Komodo Island | Christine & Ray

To deliver personalised service to clients, Armadale has always been exploring new, different and unique ideas. With this vision in mind, it gives us great force to scout places that are unfamiliar yet surprisingly beautiful – one of them is none other than Komodo Island. The trip has been a very special experience for our crew: a whole new anticipation and excitement to capture the beauty of this island – which turned out to be a great artwork.

Komodo Island in Indonesia, a truly hidden gem with unique scenery. Christine and Ray have given us a great privilege to discover this island, which is popular for its pink beach with red coral offshore.

Despite the wearying 30-minutes’ walk to hike up the hill, the view at the hilltop is absolutely breath-taking. The scent of nature, raw and authenticity at its very own face, without even the slightest tinge of commercialised is the very essence of Komodo Island that caught our heart. One could easily argue that it is the Maldives of South East Asia (yes, we kid you not!). We highly recommend couples to join us for an unforgettable pre-wedding experience in Komodo Island as you would definitely fall in love with this wonderful island.

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