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Pre-wedding film in Spain | Jennifer & Joseph Yeoh

" I feel that there's something there which, I cannot touch or I cannot explain, and if I were to live the rest of my life not finding out what that was and why I did love Jennifer so much. Well, I'd have no complains, because I think that's what true love actually is. I don't want science to explain it. I don't need any reasons, she is all my reasons. "

We had one of the most soul-touching trip with Jennifer and Joseph for their pre-wedding film. Upon arriving at their mansion in Spain, we were welcomed by their warm hospitality, making sure that we are well taken care of after a long flight. It was indeed our pleasure to shoot for their pre-wedding as Jennifer said, " Most of our friends have engaged big international companies, but we thought it would be good to support and give local talents a chance too. "

Despite being one of the most influential and prestigious entrepreneurs well known world-wide, their humble beings have made us feel home. They introduced the idea of filming at their mansion, which means a lot to the family as they travel here to gather yearly. Often, we focus on beautiful scenery for cinematography but this time, Joseph has once again reminded us the meaning of Love - the affection that no words can ever seem to be enough to explain.

Marriage, first and foremost is a spiritual relationship. It works the best when two people are connected individually to God. So much so that we can see this from Joseph and Jennifer - the way they appreciate each other, and by placing God at the center of their relationship to grow closer to Him as a couple.

Our heartfelt blessing to Joseph and Jennifer. May your love for each other continue to grow and prosper, unfailing and overflow, more and more.

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