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A rooftop wedding | Glimpse of Sean & Tina's wedding

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people " - Mahatma Gandhi

Living in a multiracial country like Malaysia, it is always fascinating to meet people from different races and cultures. Our Korean bride Tina, together with Sean, of The Roof have chosen this spectacular venue to host their wedding. It pretty much suits their personality to just chill and relax.

We are extremely grateful for their hospitality, from taking care of our meal to asking us to join the after party. Personal touch like these often helps us in creating a more unique work based on the couple's character.

Our favourite parts are definitely all the cross culture elements : starts with a morning church session in St Francis Xavier church followed by Chinese customary tea ceremony, to a Western dinner at rooftop with the couple marching in wearing Korean traditional Hanbok costume, and ending this joyous occasion with blasting music and booze in PLAY club.

We couldn't have enjoyed more. Thank you, Tina and Sean!

Here is the glimpse of their wedding! Catch the full version soon.

Celebrating : Sean & Tina

Cinematography : Chief Cinematographer, Foong

Photographer : Darren, Armadale Weddings

Make Up Artist : Jamie, Armadale Weddings

Venue : St Francis Xavier Church & Stratosphere, the Roof

Gowns : Armadale Gowns & Inzpire

Flower Deco : Bloomthis

Door gifts : Junandus

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