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A surprise proposal in Italy | Bryan & Candace

Happiness, is waking up next to the person you love everyday.

The one who makes you feel contended, the one who makes a simple journey extraordinary, the one who makes you a better person, the one who redefine every logic and senses in this world, the one who makes you say,

" I do. "

When Bryan first approached us with his idea and feeling about Candace - so tender and loving, we immediately had our mind set in Venice and Cinque Terra, Italy. We carefully coordinated and planned the pre-wedding shot, tried to make it as casual as possible, only to reveal that life-changing moment as Bryan get down on one knee.

It's always a great pleasure to work out personalized services for couple. We communicated with Bryan to plan the proposal and itinerary. On the final touch of video, we came out with the script for voice-over to gives a more intimate feel. The result?

You gotta watch it for yourself :)

Italy prewedding

surprise proposal in italy

italy prewedding

surprise proposal

Celebrating Bryan & Candace

Pre-wedding Photography in Italy,

Behind the scene of prewedding photography and surprise proposal in Venice & Cinque Terra

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