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Wedding in Double Tree Hilton KL | Celebrating Becky & Zhen Feng

Tears of joy, belly laughs, and countless emotions – these are what make weddings such happy and wonderful events. It’s about making vows of love and commitment to spend a lifetime together, the pure happiness on the couple’s face, undying love and support from families, and having close friends who give their best wishes.

Zhen Feng and Becky’s wedding shone on us these essences of a wedding. For a start, the two were inseparable. It seemed as if their eyes held no vacancy for anyone else besides each other. They were natural in front of cameras, which spurred us on the idea of having Becky to record some memorable moments during the wedding day using her phone, and adding these videos into the final cuts. These low-res footages weren’t exactly the best of quality but the candid content of the lovebirds’ natural interaction was really everything.

At the core, wedding is a celebration of love. The beauty it represents triumphs all formality and is what will remain forever.


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