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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Celia & TJ

Tradition never dies; it lives in the people, and the soul they carry with them.

In today’s modern setup, it is always a delightful sight to witness couples who embrace their traditions and appreciate the roots of cultures passed on from generations; and perhaps to the next and future generations. We have had a great time documenting Celia and TJ’s wedding (and their pre-wedding too in Australia too) as they are so fun to work with. Their playful characters are magnified through these fun-filled ceremonies in morning session, namely the gate crashing games where TJ was supported by his brother troops who strived their best to help winning Celia’s heart.

Chinese wedding customs are known for its deeply rooted beliefs, that even a cup of seemingly simple tea comes with important context. As the couple deliver the sweet tea to their parents and in-laws, it signifies a new beginning to the family and a warm welcome of acceptance. Such meaningful tradition is one of the reasons why weddings are so meaningful beyond words.

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Malaysia chinese wedding
Malaysia chinese wedding
Malaysia chinese wedding


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