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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Ewe Lee & Wei San

Ewe Lee and Wei San’s wedding is a living proof that tradition does not equate boring and old-fashion. Their very traditional Chinese gate-crashing and tea ceremony were done in a vibrant atmosphere. The groom’s very fun personality cracked up the sister troops during the Q&A session before the gentlemen were allowed to receive the bride. The games were also planned brilliantly to make every witness laughing at the top of their lungs at the silliness of these brother troops. A morning filled with laughers, this Chinese wedding is a meaningful celebration of the couple’s love and heritage.

The joy of gate-crashing games set the tone for the tea ceremony that followed, which symbolises the couple’s first formal greeting of their respective families. It was joyous to see the elderlies’ bright smiles when they were served a cup of sweet tea by the newlywed. We truly love the energy of a Chinese wedding, deeply rooted in thousands of years of traditions that make a wedding celebration not only joyous but immensely meaningful.


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