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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Huei Min & Chwan Long

Huei Min and Chwan Long had a wedding line up that pays respect to their Chinese roots by integrating several ancient wedding day customs that are both meaningful and fun. The gate-crashing game, for one, was the highlight of the day. When Chwan Long arrived at Huei Min’s house, his brother troops were met by the bridesmaids who had planned different tasks for them to complete, to prove the groom worthy of marrying the bride.

The groom was asked to draw a short comic, before having to choose the right ribbon attached to the bride, among other ribbons that had been tied to items like a Doraemon and empty angpow. While all was fun during the game session, the tea ceremony was solemn and meaningful as the couple served tea to the elders, marking the formal introduction of the families. In today’s contemporary time, it is always lovely to witness couple like Huei Min and Chwan Long, who honour the traditions in a respectful manner, while also making the most fun out of it.


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