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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Juen & Nadia

“Our imperfections make us perfect together. I’ll continue to do my best, prove to you that I will be the one and only for you. I love you.”

Juen and Nadia’s wedding really got us feeling a mixed bag of emotions. The couple is so fun to be around, making the wedding such a boisterous event filled with many moments of good belly laughs; but at the same time, the affection between them is so tender and loving, spreading contagiously to infect every living souls with happiness, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Thanks to the sporting couple, we explored a more playful concept for their wedding day video. Nadia for one, is not shy to show her witty self in front of the camera. Even when we were taking some of the more poised portraits, we find her making funny faces like a cheeky child. Our crew had to, at some points, try really hard to not laugh to avoid a shaky footage! Much like his newly wedded wife, Juen too, can be very humorous, as he delivered three witty promises before picking up Nadia.

We have truly enjoyed documenting this wedding. From the bottom of our heart, we wish Juen and Nadia a happy marriage and exciting future ahead as husband and wife.


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