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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Yoon Leen & Benjamin

The colour red plays a vital role in Chinese weddings for its message of love, fertility, and loyalty, among other auspicious notes. Another important colour is gold, which symbolises wealth. The combination of these two colours was used throughout Yoon Leen and Benjamin’s wedding – from the huge red draping at home for tea ceremony, down to the smallest details on their invitation card – to honour the couple’s Chinese heritage.

After the morning session ended with traditional rituals like collecting the bride, gate-crashing games, and tea ceremony, the wedding transitioned into a merry and cheerful banquet, celebrated with hours of delicious food and drinks, leading up to the climax of the night where everyone gave three toasts to the couple by chanting in unison, ‘yam seng’. It was indeed a joyous occasion and we wish the newlywed all the best in their marriage life.​


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