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Garden Wedding in Rasa Sayang Beach Resort, Penang | Celebrating Suzie & John

No word is ever corny or cheesy when it comes to love.

It is such an immense emotion tangling every cell in the beings that somehow, has the power to bring two persons of different stories coming together as one. It is unannounced and spontaneous. When it blossoms, it gifts a person the most intense happiness. Nothing is quite like spending your lifetime with your love one, just as Suzie said in her vow, “today, I feel so happy to be able to grow old together with you, you know me better than anyone else in this world”.

It was a beautiful day in Penang as the guests gathered at Rasa Sayang Beach Resort to celebrate the wedding of Suzie and John. The gents couldn’t escape the fate of going through a series of gate crashing challenges, but all is worth it when John finally receives his stunning bride adorned in a lace gown of the traditional red colour. The evening ceremony was perfect in every way: breezy and chilling weather, minimal décor to complement the already lovely garden, and nothing else but the couple’s confession of love lingers in the air.


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