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KL Pre-Wedding | Jayne & Dennis

Chic, sweetheart and classic. Why choose only one when you can be all of them?

Check out this concept shot we have covered for Jayne and Dennis. It’s a perfect example of crafting different bridal styles to present diverse and vibrant personality. A chick look can be easily created by matching a leather jacket and shades, completed with a stylist shot at a modernly designed café in KL Pac. Not to mention a touch of sharp, passionate red lips and heels to further enhance the expression.

A quick change of style and we’re ready to shift to another location. To complement the sweetheart look, backdrops like greenery and bricks building at Putrajaya are one of the excellent choices. The combination of brown, green and ivory in one frame is such a delightful sight to the eyes. Even better yet, we make use of Jayne’s veil to add a romantic tone to the photos- one of the very essence of pre-wedding photos.

kl-prewedding location
putrajaya pre-wedding location
putrajaya wedding location


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