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Kyoto, Japan Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Sook Li & Denn

Nature is the most talented painter.

Our creative cell was kindled to the fullest as we explored Kyoto, Japan. Little did we know, this city has so much to offer and we couldn’t have asked for more! Lake Biwa is an interesting place to photography for its colours contrast between the turquoise water, blue skies, white clouds, and greens. We even up-ed the game by having Sook Li to dress in a red gown to complement the scene seamlessly.

Just as we thought we’ve seen enough, the autumn leaves at Keisoku-ji temple took our breath away. The warm hues of maroon, orange and mustard orchestrated in harmony composes a scene we thought only exist in paintings.

Oh, and did we mention Aizu Osaki Rocks and Omihachiman town? And the indoor cosy shots? And a chic modern theme with leather jacket and shades? Well, we shall leave the surprise for you to discover from these amazing photos.

Kyoto, Japan - prewedding
autumn kyoto japan prewedding


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