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Legoland Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Jimmy & Wai Fang

To the Legoland we go!

Happiness can spread like contagion, we know it’s true because these photos tell us so! A happy place like Legoland is a call to awaken the playful, fun and mischievous little kids living inside us. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s all about being your truest self – that exactly is what Jimmy and Wai Fang’s pre-wedding photos all about.

These lovebirds, oh, how do we even begin? Their energy is splendid! They pose like a pro, they are spontaneous, and actively cracking different ideas with us (look at how we even improvise a traffic cone!). Their cheerful vibes spread so widely beyond photos it almost feels like we are breathing the same joyous air together. So yeah, happiness does spread. It grows from the hearts of two souls happily in love, and spreads to the land of infinity, to every living so long as they still breath and live.

To all the couples, build your own happiness like playing with them legos: stack it higher, and higher, and higher!


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