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Love Story in Macau | Celebrating Alan & Wan Xii

Apart in distance, connected at hearts. Miles and miles away, long waits for the next visits, countless plane tickets – all it takes to make a long-distance relationship worthwhile is doing it with the right person.

The urban charm and colorful landscape of Macau is a combination of historical and cultural European vibes, adding a tinge of Chinese traditions. Having to be in this urban city for work, Wan Xii shares an unspoken connection with Alan despite the literal distance between them, showing the true essence of relationship in giving support, love, and care despite not being physically next to each other.

Their very own love story is the inspiration behind this video. It starts with Alan’s initiative to give a surprise to Wan Xii by visiting her in Macau. When months of waiting turns into a seemingly unbelievable dream come true, the smile on her face as she sees Alan, furnishes better expressions than any words could do.

Enjoy this beautiful story board crafted out of love. This shooting incorporates some of the unique features of Macau under old Portuguese influence, cool looking streets and local delicacies, even though the city is merely doing its job complementing Alan and Wan Xii, who immersed into another world of their own.


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