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Paris, Europe Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Kris & Vince

When it comes to romance, no city in the world can possibly compare to Paris- the City of Love.

What would Paris be without its symbolic Eiffel Tower? Kris and Vince checked the list as we take the shots at night, featuring a sparkling Eiffel Tower before moving to Louvre Museum, another signature, must-have pre-wedding locations in Paris. We can only adore the magic of Paris as the city lights work tremendously amazing when the night falls.

That being said, never underestimate the power of sunlight- which explains why we did not miss the chance for a morning shot at the tower and cathedral. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed in a white gown, or casually put on a flare dress, the essence of Love in Paris will infuse every molecule in your system as you enjoy a pre-wedding photos shoot in this enchanting city.

paris prewedding Eiffel Tower
paris prewedding
paris prewedding location
paris prewedding location louvre
Paris night pre-wedding location
paris prewedding
paris prewedding


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