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Penang Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Sue Lyn & Farn

The wealth of great locations in Penang makes pre-wedding photoshoot a joyous mission with limitless creativity and themes.

Strung along Weld Quay, the Tan Jetty offers everything needed for a casual photoshoot. It is not as popular as the Chew Jetty, but precisely because of that, makes it less crowded and more enjoyable for photos. The long stretch of bridge that goes all the way to the end brings the saying of a long marriage as well.

For a traditional theme, Peranakan Mansion is the place. The interior is decorated with old antiques of the Penang Baba-Nyonya culture, making every corner of this museum an exquisite backdrop. The very intricately embroidered baju kebaya on Sue Lyn added the final elegant touch to the photos.

We completed this photoshoot with some portraits of the couple along the beach. It is a more modern styling in a relaxing and lovely environment. As if luck was on our side, the sunset so generously offered us a halo ring!


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