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Lancelin Sand Dunes, Perth Pre-wedding - Celebrating Mandy & Marcus

Oh Australia, it's good to be embraced in your light and sound again..

In Armadale, we are always exciting to push our limits in capturing beautiful images at different locations. Australia has almost become our second home - thanks for our clients who always brings us here for overseas assignment. But we never get bored of it because of this potential land gives us surprises whenever we're set our footprints here!

Here we are in Australia again (yay!) for the pre-wedding photograph of Mandy and Marcus. These two favors a more natural, candid style of shooting. Lancelin sand dune offers not just a amazing landscape with infinite views - leaving us such an empty canvas to throw in creativity, but also a dash of lovely sunlight that we artist would be so happy in tears for photograph! We were yelping like kids at the sight of powder white sand with bright blue skies.

We switched the mood of the series to a more chill tone as we moved it from day to night shots. While it could be challenging as we would be relying on the city lights, but we were thankful for the patience Mandy and Marcus showed us throughout the session for making this assignment a wonderful one.

Ring us today for your personalized photo shoot, we make sure to create and preserve your own story - alongside with a little more fun!

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