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Perth, Australia Pre-Wedding | TJ & Celia

Australia has always been generous with picturesque locations. Major cities like Sydney and Melbourne have topped the chart as some of the popular spots for photography. But Perth in Western Australia seems to have captured the heart of TJ and Celia. Perhaps it’s the quiet and distinct charm, or the breath-taking nature sights that set off this series of pre-wedding photograph into an absolute showpiece.

The couple posed on the arched glass bridge suspended among canopy of tall eucalyptus in the Botanic Garden. The rusted steel structure finish complements with the trees in the garden, providing a touch of contemporary intertwined with nature. This perfect balance between city and nature casts a wonderful setup for photograph before we move to the next location at the Matilda Bay Boat House.

Known as one of the icon of sorts for Perth, the Boat House enjoys quite the reputation with its distinctive blue house. Blessed with clear blue skies, we managed to capture the series in a slightly blue hue, contrasting with the woody tone in Sandalford Vinery. The highlight is definitely at Pinnacles, where Celia’s astonishing red gown stands out at the white desert landscape. As the night falls, these sand dunes present a different background under starlight, offering a stunning view as the couple whisper their love witnessed by thousands, if not, millions of stars.

Perth Australia prewedding
Perth Australia Prewedding
Perth Australia Prewedding ideas

Perth vineyard prewedding
Perth Australia Prewedding
Perth Australia Prewedding
Perth Australia Prewedding


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