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Pre-Wedding Behind The Scene | Celebrating Shi Yi & Chin Yew

Another local pre-wedding photoshoot, another reason for a sweet escape away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy KL city. Of to Putrajaya we go with Shi Yi and Chin Yew, as

we venture into to the nature landscape our tanah air is so blessed with.

Thanks to its ample variety of flora, the Putrajaya Botanical Garden is blanketed with exotic yet well-maintained tropical trees and flowers that are perfect for a romantic photoshoot. We

always take it as an honoured opportunity to receive a local assignment like this. There really is no better perspective to appreciate the hidden gem in our homeland other than being the one behind the lens to capture all that it has to offer.

The shady trees and incredible flora set the scene for a peaceful, cosy and relaxing

photoshoot amidst nature, and it is the theme that Chin Yew and Shi Yi were looking for. We

are glad to have delivered the couple’s request.


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