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Pre-Wedding Film in Lijang, China | Jordan & Wan Cheng

Li Jiang, a time-locked city in Yunan Province. Armadale team is back at this fairyland again with Jordan and Wan Cheng for their pre-wedding film. We can’t stress enough how beautiful and well-preserved old town is. Every visit is another surprise for us as there will always be some hidden gems waiting for discovery. The uniqueness of Li Jiang lies in the original flavour of the local lifestyle graced by breath taking ancient architectures, which serve as the theme for this short film.

We took some shots around the old town and turquoise-blue lake water before the climate started getting tricky. Throughout the shooting, the rain has been drizzling and undoubtedly making this task a rather tough one. Nevertheless, it was as though the great heritage vibe permeates every membrane of our cells and gave us an underlying strength to capture its beauty. Special thanks to Jordan and Wan Cheng for being so understanding and entrusting us to complete your pre-wedding artwork.

Make sure to check out their pre-wedding photos here, another eye-drooling series!


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