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Pre-Wedding Film in Paris | Celebrating Mandy & CK

CK and Mandy pretty much checked all the boxes of a pre-wedding film in Paris. There is not a single iconic location that has been left out. Eifel Tower, Place Du Trocadero, the Louvre, Carousel de la Tour Eiffel, Montmartre, this pre-wedding film is as Paris as it can be.

With different locations come different stylings, which could really be daunting considering the amount of packing needed to be done. Lucky for us, Mandy has a sharp sense of fashion. She handpicked a few outfits from her own wardrobe and pulled off the chic Parisian look effortlessly. We stan for a fashion Queen!

If we had to pick a favourite from this film, it has to be CK and Mandy’s candid moments at Montmartre. This famous art district is full of charm with its stunning Basilica, local bistros and museum. Its village atmosphere infused with the 19thcenturies artistry gave pleasure to the couple who was strolling around it, as we captured their memorable times together.


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