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Pre-Wedding in England House, Penang | Celebrating Hui Lyn & Lim Zhen

English mansion is quintessentially a British symbol of history and culture, like the ever-famous Downton Abbey in British television series. It is not the size of the building that delivers the essence of British culture, but the antique details arranged in an exquisite manner. This cozy England House Homestay in Penang is one good example, it has given us so many ideas to go about the photoshoot. Against the backdrop of dark brown interiors, Hui Lyn and Lim Zhen found themselves in a classic British setting and immediately got into the vibe. Posing is always a bit more fun when there are some cool props to play around with. For this, we gotta thank England House Homestay for their 1930s gramophone, Victorian inspired furniture, typewriter, and so many other props the couples had a great fun posing with.

The garden in front of England House Homestay presents a different, refreshing setting in comparison to the indoor arrangement. Again, we utilised the rustic-themed decorations like wooden crates, antique radio, deconstructed window panels for photos. The entire photo session went so smooth partly also because of the calm and peaceful atmosphere at this homestay. The result is a simple, classic pre-wedding series, with a solid theme of love, partnership and happiness. Hui Lyn and Lim Zhen have enjoyed the shooting as much as our crew did, and we cannot wait to return to this hidden gem in Penang. Such a breath of fresh air amongst the congested cities in 21st century!


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