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Pre-Wedding in Klebang, Melaka | Lynda & Yin Fhan

Tossing the idea of tourist spots, we traveled to Klebang to present a different vibe of Melaka with Lynda and Yin Fhan.

While this hidden attraction might not sound familiar to many, it is named Padang Pasir Klebang - some even call it "The Desert in Malaysia". These hills of sands, said to be resulted from a sand reclamation project, turned out to be a sweet, surprising landscape for photography. Unlike the famous tourist spots, this gem in Klebang brings a refreshing energy that allows our team to toy around with new shooting ideas.

It is once again that we are brought to a sense of appreciation to the many beautiful places in our homeland. While it is fun to travel abroad, sometimes unexpected attractions in Malaysia definitely excites us.

Relax, undisturbed and a calm pace away from the urban cities. Melaka has definitely vowed us.


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