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Pre-Wedding in Penang

Let’s go for an adventure,

into the nature;

And whisper softly,

about our secret little story.

Penang is always so generous with its natural scenes and grants us the opportunity to explore wedding artwork in the nature. We did a simple portrait at this rustic wooden house that presents a local heritage, while Andrea’s red gown adds in a tinge of modern influence to the photos. It was a rather gloomy weather, but we managed to go a little impromptu by making use of the drizzles for some of the candid shots.

Jumping out of the jungle landscape, Andrea and Han switched the scene to a beach. We are luckier this time to have a clear blue sky, complementing the sandy beach and Andrea’s minimal bridal look. We really couldn’t have asked for more when the golden sunset allures our eyes. It really is the major highlight that elevates this photo series.

Penang Pre-Wedding
Penang Pre-Wedding Location
Penang Pre-Wedding
prewedding in Penang
Sunset in Penang


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