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ROM in Janda Baik | Celebrating Shen Wen & Bryan

Fresh air, cool streams and pristine rain forests – a cosy wedding at Tanarimba lodge in the hills of Janda Baik is making us swoon... It is a perfect location for close family and friends to gather for a getaway, or even better yet, a reunion of love.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life, Shen Wen and Bryan gathered their love ones at Janda Baik to celebrate their registration of marriage. The ceremony is touched with a soft and light pastel palette that gels seamlessly with the outdoor garden. Set in a laid-back vibe, Shen Wen and Bryan exchanged their vows under a rustic ceremony altar.

Every detail of the wedding speaks of perfection from Shen Wen’s classic off-shoulder gown, a slight whimsical touch of gold chivalry chairs, to the scenic view full of natural beauty.


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