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Sydney Pre-Wedding | Huie & Avis

From warm hues of beach and countryside, to the hard light of city night views, Sydney has got it all covered. We have been in this marvellous city countless times and so for this pre-wedding series with Huie and Avis, we suggested something simple but exploratory. Instead of going with a uniform colour tone, we thought, why not do two? Let’s give it a dewy morning series and contrast it with the city night view.

In the morning, we made use of the natural light by the beach and the light house to help developing our ideas. Huie posed in her white gown and another piece of sky blue number, which complement the natural colour perfectly. When the night falls, we incorporated the city light that gives a more contrasting difference as compared to the morning dewy feel. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House – the icons of Sydney stood subtly as Avis and Huie indulge in a moment of their love story. The result is another memorable series that we are absolutely happy with, so is the couple.

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