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Wedding in Banjaran Hotspring | Daphne & Allan

A traditional wedding in a lush tropical rain forest of the northern state of Perak. Yup, we're talking about The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. The Banjaran is definitely a place one can seek solemn and serenity. Surrounded with natural caves and geothermal hot springs - who would have thought it could be transformed into a wedding venue? Much to our surprise, Daphne & Allan proved us wrong. We especially love the color contrast between natural greens and eye-catching red. It reminds us of the Chinese way of saying it - 万绿丛中一点红, which in literal means a dash of red in the greens. The traditional auspicious color definitely speaks for this merry and joyous occasion.

Venue : Banjaran Hotspring

Banjaran hot spring Wedding
Wedding in Banjaran Hotspring
Wedding in Banjaran Hotspring

Wedding in Banjaran Hotspring Ipoh


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