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Wedding in Enderong Resort, Janda Baik | Celebrating Roujun & Emil

Natural beauty and a wide variety of landscape aside, Denmark is a beautiful country with vibrant cultures emphasising on merry-making, which have in history, extended to its wedding tradition. Traveling all the way from Denmark, Emil, together with his family, had introduced some of the Danish wedding traditions into his celebration with Roujun, along with the rituals from her Chinese heritage. The two cultures brew together a beautiful wedding that will forever be an unforgettable memory.

The wedding began in the morning with the Chinese tea ceremony ritual – that is, after Emil and his brother troops had successfully completed the gate-crashing games to prove the groom worthy of taking Roujun into his hand. The tea ceremony marked a formal introduction of the two families, as the couple served sweet tea to the elders.

The Danish wedding tradition made its way to the dinner reception during the couple dance, where the guests gathered up in a circle around the couple and slowly moved in closer. After the dance, Emil’s male friends lifted him up in the air and cut off the toes of his socks. While there are many beliefs behind this tradition, some sources say that this is so that the bride will fix it for the husband after their marriage life.

There was also a lot of kissing throughout the dinner, thanks to the Danish wedding tradition. At several intervals, the guests carefully tapped their knives or forks on their plates, which promoted the couple to kiss. And when the guests stamped their feet on the floor, the bride and groom had to dive under the table for a kiss. The best of all was when the guests tapped their knives on their glasses, which means the couple must balance on their chairs and kiss!

The many kissing didn’t stop there. Roujun would disappear during the reception, for all the female guests to come up and kiss Emil on his cheek. Likewise, the male guests would also kiss the bride once the groom disappeared.

Armadale is grateful beyond words to be entrusted to document this lovely wedding. What is more beautiful, if not the love of two persons unbounded by physical border and culture. May the newlywed build their lives together as one, filled with everlasting joy.

Photography: Armadale Production

Cinematography: Armadale Production

Wedding Gown: Armadale Gowns

Venue: Enderong Resort, Janda Baik


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