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Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh | Celebrating Nicole & Sathiyaa

A mixed marriage speaks so much volume to the unlimited, unconditional nature of love unbounded by differences. Nicole and Sathiyaa celebrated their matrimony at Seputeh Glasshouse, keeping it simple yet classy with green and white floral arrangement in ferns and big, leafy greens. The fairy light also highlighted the venue’s urban architecture with floor to ceiling glass panelling – a minimal yet classy ambient.

Under the witness of a small group of guests, mostly close friends and families, the couple could hardly contain their happiness as they stepped into a new chapter in life. They gave each other smiles that seemed so genuinely sweet, with the gentle touch of shyness and excitement that a wedding celebration rushes through them. There were a few moments when Sathiyaa stared at his wife so lovingly, captured in this video, that really just defines the beauty of a wedding perfectly.


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